3 things I have not yet done

Since I am only a sophomore there are a lot of things I still need to accomplish to prepare for getting a good career position and becoming highly competitive. I need to complete my resume, meet with my career counselor, and register in robinson career connection. I hope to finish my resume within the month, and register in the RCC once I have taken more accounting classes.


Services provided by RCMC

The career management center provides undergrad students with many resources. Students can make an appointment with a career counselor to talk about long-term and short-term goals. This is great because there is always someone there to guide you. I would like to meet with my advisor regularly because I think it is important to stay on track in order to reach your goals. CMC also has a couple online resources. Robinson career connection posts all of the jobs, internships, and campus interview opportunities they receive from employers and alumni. This will help me get my name and major out to employers and alumni, which will help with networking and makes finding a job easier. Magazines and news papers can help my career move forward by reading about job postings. They also have a self-assesment tool where the career leader measures your interests and what you find most motivating in work. I will use this tool in order to see what kind of career I should have so I don’t find myself bored at work.

IT Skills

In accounting, the ability to use basic computer functions is very important. Word processing, spread sheet, and database software to produce and record information are all important IT skills to have. Computer skills are important because the use of software programs to produce and record accounting information is increasing.

Robinson Career Database

My major is accounting so I would like to become a certified public accountant. Some positions in corporate accounting are financial accounting and reporting, which is someone who performs work assignments in receivables, payables, payroll, property, general ledger, and financial statements; management accounting, which is someone who collects detailed cost data; and tax accountant, which is someone who prepares returns or  various schedules for review.

Robinson Career Management Center

The Career Management center provides services, resources and events to undergrad students of the Robinson College of Business in order to reach long-term and short-term goals.

I would use the CMC to help me plan my goals. I would use their walk-in hours if I had a simple question, but I would make an individual appointment for longer meetings.